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VoiceNote II - Speech to text

Description from extension meta Typing with your voice and speech recognition. Simple and functional notepad.
Image from store VoiceNote II - Speech to text
Description from store Packaging: "Chrome Extension" • It is an analog VoiceNote App, which is located here: http://goo.gl/VMDyBq • Questions , Suggestions and Rate please here: http://goo.gl/VMDyBq ________________________________________ Contact: [email protected] google.com/+Speech-to-textOrg
Latest reviews (2019-09-18) 이선민: good (2019-09-16) 하석용: 아주좋음 열심히 사용 하겠습니다. 고맙습니다. 무궁한 발전 있으시길 기원 드립니다. (2019-07-15) Sornkom Phuakphewvong: เป็นส่วนต่อขยายที่น่าใช้มาก (2019-04-11) zeta zoel: nice application for fast write (2019-04-07) Дао Жизни: Не работает в браузере Dragon (2019-03-23) Len Kowalik: When I clicked on the extension icon, a window opened (in Russian?). Useless. (2019-03-07) José Aparecido da Silva: Funcionava bem, agora só aparece os botões sem desenho da função e sem função, não está escrevendo mais. Seria bom se melhorassem isso. (2019-02-18) Adres Grafik: çok kullanışlı bir program (2019-02-09) Frozen Arterium: Спасибо! Очень интересное и удобное приложение. (2019-02-08) Monica Rojas: MUY PRÁCTICA, ME FACILITA MUCHISIMO EL TYPEO, GENIAL!!! (2019-02-04) Aasfahaeher Wqgexghexwxz: приложение глючное, точнее дело даже не в приложении а в движке гугл. Потому что после надиктовывания некоторых слов он автоматически добавляет по несколько раз слова и буквы. Например после слова ИНОГДА он произвольно добавляет к данному слову несколько раз слово ДА. После слова ТОЧКА он по несколько раз добавляет букву К. При чем тоже самое происходит и с аналогичными програмами надиктовки. Я пробовал менять микрофоны, менял настройки микрофонов, сбрасывал приложение, обновлял гугл, но ничего не помогает. Проблема в гугле. (2019-02-03) Надежда Ермоленко: Замечательная программа. Спасибо создателям. Очень удобно работать. Текст надиктовать в окне программы. (2019-01-31) Rick Hadlock: VoiceNote II does not work. I've used it on my desktop computer for 5- 6 months but recently it stopped working altogether. Then I tried it on my new laptop but VoiceNote II doesn't work on that computer either. Clicking on the mic icon does not trigger the mic. I know the mic is working but speech is not converted to text in VoiceNote II for some reason? The mic icon does not remain illuminated. I tried searching for help from the developer or on the Internet but to no avail. I've now started using SpeechTexter, which seems to work great! (2019-01-22) Владимир Файнзильберг: Классно! Надеюсь использовать! (2019-01-15) Una de las mejores apps del market dentro de su categoria. Rapida y con pocos errores. (2018-12-01) 김병규: 중간에 멈춤 현상이 많아요 (2018-11-18) keith fugere: NI MY NAME IS SHEILA.I HAVE MS AND MY HUSBAND JUST PASSED AWAY. THIS IS A WONDERFUL EXTENSION, WHEN I TYPE MY HANDS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. HAVEN'T TRIED IT YET BUT I WILL KEEP YOU FILLED IN. THANKS SHEILA (2018-10-31) Legal, fácil de usar, atende bem e ainda pode ser usado Off-line, não necessitando ter conexão de internet. Recomendo! (2018-10-21) Edmilson Tavares: ótimo (2018-10-20) Sanges Luciano: Não consegue entender o som de um vídeo (2018-10-09) Максим Гармаш: Шикарно!! (2018-10-06) John Adamson: The only way I can leave a note to tell you how good this is is by dictating into your notepad and then copying what I say on to the page I want to put it on. I don't like that part. If you could please tell me how I can do it a different way or how I can talk directly to a different program I would really like to know that one thank you for your time it's a great program though. (2018-09-25) สถาพร สอนสุภาพ: ดีมาก (2018-09-25) Marcos Borges: OK (2018-09-19) Hubert Perlicki: Krótko mówiąc [email protected]!$ty :)

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