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Jquery Fragment Selector

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Use Url Fragments to scroll an item into view.

Description from store This extension hijacks the html fragment to allow it to target a general-purpose jQuery selector rather than just an or a DOM identifier. This is implemented in the spirit of http://simonstl.com/articles/cssFragID.html The extension is only enabled when the fragment starts with #css(JQUERY_SELECTOR) For example, using jQFS, he following is possible: "point to the seventh row in the first table on the page": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_job_scheduler_software#css(tr:nth-of-type(7)) Additional Features: The extension features an expanded version of jQuery's :contains selector, :containsExactly (which is case sensitive): "point to the first table cell whose text consists solely of the word "Flux" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_job_scheduler_software#css(td:containsExactly('Flux')) Extension detection: You may detect this extension via this asynchronous technique: function detectExtension(extensionId, callback) { var img; img = new Image(); img.onload = function() { callback(true); }; img.onerror = function() { callback(false); }; img.src = "chrome-extension://" + extensionId + "/test.png"; } a la http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6293498/check-whether-user-has-a-chrome-extension-installed#answer-27930310


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