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Image from store Pop up blocker for Chrome™ - Poper Blocker
Description from store ★ 最有效的串流網站、torrent 網站及成人網站快顯畫面封鎖程式。 ★ 獨特演算法可識別出每個獨特網站的正確區塊,在識別新標籤頁與新視窗時提供領先業界的準確度。 ★ 封鎖快顯畫面時,會以不引人注目的方式通知您 ★ 不耗 CPU 和記憶體,能與 adblock 彼此互補運作 不論您點按頁面何處‧都能封鎖快顯與背顯畫面,改善您在 Google Chrome 使用網頁的體驗。Poper Blocker 採取智慧方式封鎖任何網站的垃圾廣告快顯畫面。 ***強大自訂功能*** ☞ 檢視封鎖的內容和封鎖歷程記錄 ☞ 您希望支援的白名單網站 ***封鎖覆蓋式畫面*** 「覆疊式封鎖名單」功能可自動停用某些網站上會佔滿螢幕、強迫您登入、因所在國家而限制存取,或浪費您時間的擾人覆疊式畫面。 ***我們專精此道*** Poper Blocker 是能和 adblock 一起使用的單一用途的擴充功能,以封鎖快顯與背顯畫面為主。這讓我們的目標明確且具有準確性和反應敏捷的優勢,超越 Adblock Plus、JavaScript Popup Blocker、AdGuard、Fair Adblocker、ublock 等等。 重要注意事項! 為了識別必須從 Poper Blocker 資料庫存取的必要封鎖解決方案,我們會收集匿名瀏覽資料。我們相當注重您的隱私。如需詳細資訊,請參閱我們的隱私權政策,網址為:http://poperblocker.com/privacy.html

Latest reviews

  • (2020-02-16) Luedits: maravilhoso
  • (2020-02-16) mlg mics: BEST POP-UP BLOCKER!! 10/10
  • (2020-02-16) Daniel Gordon: It simple works!!!
  • (2020-02-16) dario antonio marin: es muy bueno, en cualquier navegador basado en chromium
  • (2020-02-15) Legendary Pooke: good for 123 movies so..
  • (2020-02-15) Davv: i love it!
  • (2020-02-15) Hora Indarte: muy bueno pero por el poco tiempo que lo use se me escapo otra add
  • (2020-02-15) Julian Mackay: i really love it and i recommend it along with the youtube adblocker its the best combo!
  • (2020-02-15) Rolando P. Bello: It works effectively like 100% of the time. I've been looking for a similar solution for a long time, finally it's here.
  • (2020-02-15) Christopher Barbas: Satisfied so far, nerves saved!
  • (2020-02-15) Cris Obare: Amazing app!
  • (2020-02-15) steve byrne: top notch
  • (2020-02-15) PLANET EMPIRE: aseowome
  • (2020-02-14) Will Watson: Awesome app and very effective
  • (2020-02-14) Mahnoor Mughal: its good!
  • (2020-02-14) jefferson bactad: excellent
  • (2020-02-14) Pradeep Hazra: its works great also must have pop up block and adguard together for best result
  • (2020-02-14) Rizal Mohd: Good pop up blocker, work as intended
  • (2020-02-13) Sly Gittens: It does its job well
  • (2020-02-13) Giulio Maria Pedone: Ottimo. Blocca tutto e comunque, per quando serve, chiede se bloccare o meno, Consigliabile !!
  • (2020-02-13) LLO: I have been using it for a while and it has taken away the headache of annoying pop up ads and having to block each pop up that could be potentially dangerous. To the Developers, you guys are doing a great job!!!
  • (2020-02-13) Adrian Diaz: Excelente! Funciona perfectamente.
  • (2020-02-13) Rick Dalton: Works great and allows me to choose what I want to see. Really appreciate this extension!
  • (2020-02-13) Thabong Nkosi: Works exactly the way it's intended to
  • (2020-02-12) Kosmo Alvarado: Got ads on youtube

Latest issues

  • (2014-12-23, v:3.0) Eric Navarro: Infobar doesn't go away
    Replacing popups with an "infobar" is as annoying as the popup itself. the info bar doesn't go away. Also, I loved the way it was before. Icon on upper right is missing.
  • (2014-12-23, v:3.0) Jenna Lute: since update...
    I'm assuming u recently updated cuz I no longer see the icon on my bar and now I have these annoying notifications that flash across my screen. Before you gave the option to disable the onscreen notification when something was blocked, why switch it to this? Also I liked that I could see the numeric tally of block pop ups cuz that told me whether I would bother with the site at all. Can I download the previous version somewhere?
  • (2014-12-23, v:3.0) new Dec 22 update not working
    i have 1 nasty popup or under that the last version worked good to block it. Now it does not block it. How do i get the last version before this one back.
  • (2014-12-23, v:3.0) Richard Lebrun: What just happened? Why would you do that?
    Replacing popups with an "infobar" is as annoying as the popup itself. You had it right with the small notification on the icon. Notification within the address bar would also work. Stats of popups blocked also vanished. Why? It's a shame, but if this doesn't change soon, I'll be uninstalling a formerly excellent extension.
  • (2014-12-07, v:2.0) xShay PvP: Stopped working
    Hi Poper Blocker has stopped working on chrome,when I try to reinstall it says "network failed" Any idea's Thanks Suzanne
  • (2014-11-28, v:2.0) J Wallis: Button
    Rather than have the button permanently visible in the tool-bar can I suggest that it's placed in the address bar and only appears when it's activated during blocking? Thanks.
  • (2014-11-28, v:2.0) J Wallis: Future of Poper Blocker
    Hi, This seems to work well. As there's been no update since May can I just ask if you intend to maintain this extension going forward? No offence meant. Thanks
  • (2014-11-25, v:2.0) Mohammed Anwar: pop up blocker
    I keep getting network failed too, i am online when using
  • (2014-11-21, v:2.0) christian cisneros: can't add extensions
    i can't download it keeps saying an error has occurred than NETWORK_FAILED but im online ??
  • (2014-11-11, v:2.0) ad and pop up blockers
    i can't put ANY of these into my extensions from the web store on my PC...tried many...need badly!! pop ups r preventing me from doing anything on websites i select from google chrome searches


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