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Dashlane makes the internet easier. Save all your passwords, fill forms fast, and keep your data accessible and safe.

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Description from store There’s a reason 20,000+ businesses and 15+ million people worldwide trust Dashlane as the top password manager app. Our extension integrates seamlessly into your online routines by following along to save and fill in your passwords and personal information as you browse. And our web app gives you the full power of Dashlane, equipping you with the security and productivity tools you need, from secure password sharing to breach monitoring. Log in to all your accounts, on all your devices - Store an unlimited number of passwords in your Vault - Access your passwords and usernames wherever and whenever you need them - Autofill the right username and password on all your accounts - Sync your Dashlane data to every device automatically, even if your phone and computer run on different systems Create strong passwords and save new logins as you browse - Automatically save passwords, usernames, and personal info as you browse - Create strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts with a built-in Password Generator - Easily update and replace passwords whenever you reset them Autofill payments and personal info - Autofill your personal info, like name, address, email, and phone number - Fill addresses, checkout fields, and other important forms with a click - Keep important personal data, like IDs and social security numbers, at your fingertips - Securely store payments such as credit card numbers and bank account info Get alerts of compromised credentials and update them with a click - Sign up for Dark Web Monitoring and receive personalised breach alerts - Update compromised passwords and reset reused passwords with Dashlane’s one-click Password Changer - Check on your Password Health Score to see if any of your passwords are weak, reused, or compromised Purpose-built for privacy - Dashlane protects your passwords with the industry's strongest patented encryption methods - We believe you should control your data. That’s why we designed Dashlane’s zero-knowledge security architecture, so that we can't see the information you store in it—and we never sell it. Forget about forgetting your passwords. For more information on Dashlane, see our Privacy Policy (https://www.dashlane.com/privacy) and Terms of Service (https://www.dashlane.com/terms).

Latest reviews

  • (2022-01-17) Elizabeth Buchmiller: this is now a problem; I cannot use it offline and often want to access notes and info. So why then, am I paying a monthly fee for something I cannot use effectively on my computer? Who, exactly, thought this was a good idea?
  • (2022-01-17) Matt Smith: Dashlane used to be the best. Easy to use with the desktop app. Now with the browser extension it is more of a hassle - hard to view and navigate it is not great at all. It does not show on the web browser most of the time. It would be interesting to hear from the project manager and the UX team on what data they used to justify the change, and what their research showed. It is almost like they just went in a direction that was dictated to them and said - make it work who cares about the user. It is clear that the direction the service is heading is different than what people really want. This eventually will lead to a failed product. Sorry Dashlane - send out an email asking for my opinion hoping to get accolades when you are clearly ignoring your users. You are going to be disappointed with my review.
  • (2022-01-17) Ignacio Energici: Just worse every day. From a functioning app to a non-stop spam and bug fest.
  • (2022-01-16) Brian Murrell: IT DOESN'T WORK!!!
  • (2022-01-15) Derek Andrews: Guys, you are messing up big time, since I enrolled it has gone downhill. Some sites work, some don't. I can't even get it to autofill the pw on many sites. It still does the username usually, but what good is that.
  • (2022-01-14) Alex Zimmerman: After they killed the desktop client they killed all desire for me to continue to use this service. The extension often doubles up with the built in auto complete within chrome, it also pops up annoyingly all the time to revalidate my session, horrible experience.
  • (2022-01-14) Adrian Murij: Bring back the desktop app. There was no reason to remove it! 0/10 do not recommend.
  • (2022-01-14) Cameron White: The UI for Dashlane is great, and the extension worked pretty seamlessly for the first fifteen minutes I mucked around with it. However, after you add a password to dashlane for the first time, dashlane will start automatically logging you into that site every time you visit it. Not cool! This can be disabled on a site by site basis, but there is no global default setting allowing users to disable auto login for new sites. I ended up switching to bitwarden as a consequence.
  • (2022-01-13) Artur Kokin: Now that standalone app is gone I am truly disappointed that I have to use browser extension to manage my passwords.
  • (2022-01-12) Dave Porterfield: Not a fan of the changes!
  • (2022-01-12) Serhat Tufan: Why is there no file storage and auto password generator features on web application? You removed desktop app which has these feauteres, but you didn't integrate these to web app. Please provide these features on web app as well.
  • (2022-01-11) Barry Morgan: Can't get it to except new apps it worked well before the extension. If I can't get to work as advertised, how can I get my money back.
  • (2022-01-10) Thomas Leuthard: Funktioniert sehr gut. Es gibt nichts auszusetzen.
  • (2022-01-08) George Johnson: Works flawlessly 80% of the time. Difficult to use on Android phones
  • (2022-01-07) Werner Paulin: Very convenient to use! But what's even more important is the excellent support. They are fast and precise!
  • (2022-01-07) 大畑乃之: 何もログイン期間を二週間に限定しないでもって風には思う。 若干遣い難く成ってるんだけど。 後、パスワードの入力を二回も行なうのがめんどい。 2022年1月7日追記: 14日間ログインを保持するという設定にしてるにも関わらず14日間未満でログアウトしてる様だが…代替の拡張機能を探すのも大変なんだぞ。
  • (2022-01-06) Özcan Erdal: Everyone has so many memberships and passwords now that it's even more important to keep them safe, let alone remembering them. Dashlane Password Manager keeps your passwords safe, even from themselves, of course! You have one master password to remember, forget the others, also Dashlane will generate strong passwords for you. In addition to an application that you can download to your phone, there is an add-on that you can add to your browsers. What if you lose your phone, nothing! The app is locked on your phone, it cannot be opened anyway. You can also instantly remove that phone's access from the desktop computer's browser. And after you download the application to your new phone and enter your account, all your passwords will come to your new phone. I don't think Dashlane could have explained himself very well, I think they should have hired me...
  • (2022-01-05) John P: I am disappointed that the desktop option is no longer available. I have used DL for years and am a loyal subscriber, but I am open to trying other platforms. I will consider those before my renewal comes up next time.
  • (2022-01-05) Israel: Perfect password / identity theft protection app. I've used this service for 5 years and it's always been reliable.
  • (2022-01-02) Russell Horwich: I've been using Dashlane for a few years now The only thing I wish it would do is get rid of older password that I had to change, I have lots of post it note with passwords on them now cause it keeps putting in older passwords. But when it works it great
  • (2022-01-02) Daniel Ďurovec: very good
  • (2022-01-02) Roland Hiltscher: The former Dashlane was OK and probably as good as most of these programs. But now it is absolutely worthless. It's worse than that because it loses your programs and is extremely confusing. How could they make this serious a mistake when they must have had plenty $$$ and help who should know better. Please just drop it and go back to the old program. Otherwise everyone I talked to will be buying and using another program!!! WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2021-12-30) Zoltan Hanko: Neither Linux nor Android nor iOS supports mass deleting passwords. (You need Windows or MacOS.) The 2FA does not seems to work: I setup to "unlock with authenticator", then add security key. Logoff/logon and I need only the master password, no need authenticator. Somehow I have the feeling the control is not in my hand... (This is the first impression after ~1.5 hour test.) --> delete.
  • (2021-12-28) Charles Harrison: I agree with the other reviews. Without the stand alone desktop app, it is just a less-good version of the safari, chrome, or brave browser password keepers. After years and years of premium subscribe, I will cancel before it renews.
  • (2021-12-25) Tigran K: Switched from LastPass to Dashlane today and I am already thinking it was a bad decision. The chrome extension keeps logging me out of google! In Google Drive every time i click on a document I get a 401 error and I am asked to login again. And not only into google drive but into the browser!! This issue disappears if I disable the Dashlane extension. I would be happy to submit a bug report but Dashlane simply has no such option for the browser extension. Hence, you get your feedback here.
  • (2021-12-24) Gavin Jones: I've used Dashlane for almost 10 years, but the direction they've taken the product over the last 18 months is just sad. I loved Dashlane, truly, it was so far ahead of the others. Now, they make it a pain in the backside to get your data out, in the hope they can keep you hostage and just accept their wonky product. The desktop app is being abandoned, you physically wont be able to log in. The web-extension is clunky, always in your face and causing sites to stall. The web-app could be good eventually, but it's not there yet, not even close. Dashlane now is where Lastpass was 4 years ago, just with a nicer skin. Today's my last day as a user, hope you can get it back together again one day Dashlane.
  • (2021-12-20) Nic Oppermann: Die App sieht ganz schnieke aus ist leider jedoch nicht mit der Desktop App zu vergleichen, welche wesentlich stabiler und zuverlässiger läuft. Beispiel ich füge eine 2 Faktor Schutz hinzu kommt es nicht all zu selten vor, dass plötzlich das Passwort 2 mal existiert und zwar mit zwei verschiedenen 2 Factor Codes. Für Menschen die nicht so geübt mit Software sind kann dies sehr abschreckend wirken. Selbst für mich der sich doch gut auskennt ist es manchmal etwas Benzer unfreundlich. Die Copy paste Auto funktion ist dafür erstaunlich gut. Wenn in DE jetzt noch der Passwort Changer verbessert wird und mehr Partner ins Boot geholt werden und die Stabilität mit der Zeit hoffentlich besser wird, ist alles dufte.
  • (2021-12-19) Jacob Vandevelde: I've never liked Dashlane, no bulk share functions, no groups, bad UI/UX. reloads every page, fails to 'login' half the time and I can't even get access to my passwords.
  • (2021-12-18) Lisa Feldman: I have been a Roboform user for several years. I saw this come up and did a trial, AND what a breath of fresh air! This program is wonderful. It pop's up when it's supposed to, you can access your stuff with ease etc... Love it
  • (2021-12-18) Trevor Grigg: Utter trash chrome extension, either doesnt load on pages, forgets me the next day, fresh installs new devices. removed the desktop app, that app didnt work that well anyway. I'll start to investigate leaving to another password manager. Avoid this like a new variant of COVID
  • (2021-12-16) James Eden: Very good. Works every time. I migrated [from Google and LastPass] for usability. Nothing wrong with the other two but Dashlane is easier, quicker and better organised. Also the sorting off passwords into colour coded folders is absolutely essential for me. Secure notes are excellent also. Oh yeah, and the VPN thrown in with the plan seems very good too. Bargain.
  • (2021-12-16) Robin PeriMedia: I share everyone frustration & pain. I felt guilty until I started reading the complaints here. I have had many Dashlane issues and complaints. I gave up on Dashlane and moved to 1Password which after months of even more frustrations I discovered is WORST. I am often locked out of sensitive accounts because 1Password saves multiple passwords for the same websites and does not always offer to overwrite, change or update the old passwords. If you import passwords then your issues start. I was thinking of returning to Dashlane and pay for one month or try another Mac password app. With so many password and user id logins, I am at a loss for a good Mac password manager. I welcome any suggestions
  • (2021-12-15) Chukwuma Zikora: I love this product.
  • (2021-12-15) Anton Narusberg: I'm logged out of the Chrome extension and now it just freezes whenever I try to log in.. please get it together and fix this basic thing. It's not easy to switch a password manager but it's surely climbing up my list of priorities.
  • (2021-12-14) Richard Jepsen: this product has a weakness or two, but mostly is a huge time saver for me as well as a reassurance that I'm a bit more secure. I like several of its features, including the multiple user feature. We use it to set my brother up to access our important sites in the event my wife and I were disabled or worse without forcing him to record and secure all our passwords himself. Its other weakness is that it takes a few days to learn. I like that it balances the desire for convenience (remaining signed in for periods of time) with the need for security (asking for my master every once in awhile.
  • (2021-12-13) Mark E: I was a long time fan of Dashlane. I started using the program over 5 years ago and had my entire company using it. I like that it was on your desktop. It is interesting years ago company's wanted to control software and they called it a "service buro" back then people were smart and wanted to own the software on their own computers. Then they called it "the cloud" all of a sudden everyone gave up their information. The new extension is a pain. It constantly tries to fill in passwords. The desktop version was simple and very useful. I would NOT recommend this software.
  • (2021-12-12) Mamta rani: Great Work!!
  • (2021-12-10) Tom Egelhoff: I quit using the phone app since I have to log in every single time I use it. Supposedly I set up a pin so I won't have to do that but it's nowhere to be found. I used the laptop version at least 99.9 percent of the time but occasionally have to relog in there too. Also there's no collapse on the phone so unless I memorize the name of every site I go to there's no easy way to go to the "T"s or "w" without scrolling all the way down. The "keep me signed in for 14 days" rarely works and the premium is now gone but the price for a watered down version seems nearly the same. No really a happy camper.
  • (2021-12-09) Lindsay Wankel: This app has saved me so much time and headache. I had an update done on my laptop and it switched my default browser (which had Dashlane initially default to open to Chrome), switched to Microsoft Edge. The app no longer worked, and wouldn't recognize my log in to even access. I contacted Dashlane support and within two days they had personally reached out with instructions on how to fix. It was fixed right away, and is working perfectly again.
  • (2021-12-03) Waqas Munawar: Don't really understand the reason for not having the desktop app anymore! Where is the password generator feature gone from the online version? Why remove that? And the change password feature is still in BETA testing... incomplete extention! Update the UI of the desktop app & bring it back Dashlane! I'm sure many people here would agree with this. If it ain't broken, don't fix it!
  • (2021-11-30) Alonso Papantoniou: Escribo en español. Lamentablemente no tienen una papelera, así que cualquier error en el que se borre algo, no hay manera de recuperarlo sino haciendo un reset con fecha y hora de cuando andaba bien. Me atendió Helena de Customer Support, muy correcta y lo logró recuperar. Dashlane 4 estrellas, por no tener una papelera de claves para rescatar si algo sale mal. El servicio de soporte, 5 estrellas
  • (2021-11-30) Lars Cook: I haven't had the issues that everyone else has had. There was a bit of a rough period when they transitioned from desktop app to solely web-based, but nothing catastrophic on my side. I still love it and it works fantastically for me. I installed this program when I was hacked years ago, and it has protected me well since.
  • (2021-11-30) Andreas Makrelis: Utterly Useless, annoying, Due for deletion. Simple as that. Go back to the Desktop App asap. I am really really sorry that I went premium. Shame.....
  • (2021-11-29) Arman Shahinyan: Best password manager out there, continuously improving, great support, and even included VPN. All in all great service at a reasonable price.
  • (2021-11-29) Oliver Buschmann: Doesn't work on Pixel 6Pro and Android 12. Way to expensive for the quality and functionality delivered. Roboform is superior. Disappointed.
  • (2021-11-28) Barbara VenHorst: I've been with Dashlane for several years now. I've always been pleased with the app and that continues. If I HAVE had a problem, tech support was immediate and effective. Just recently I couldn't sign on to the iPad Dashlane app. Taciane was my tech and she responded very quickly each time. She answered all my questions clearly and concisely. I've had horrific customer service experiences in the past few weeks. Taciane renewed my hope that, perhaps, all is not lost. She was incredibly helpful and I really appreciate her.
  • (2021-11-27) José Constant: J'utilise Dashlane depuis deux ans environ. Il m'a fallu du temps pour m'habituer. Je trouve l'extension web pour Chrome vraiment au top maintenant pour ma station de travail et mon ordinateur portable. OK aussi sur Android (smartphone et tablette).
  • (2021-11-25) ravi sharma: I will not extend my premium version, I might shift to 1Password or Bitwarden, once my subscription runs out. One of my biggest anger towards this service is that they have discontinued 2FA support in web version. I don't have much qualms over shift to web, but this move to discontinue 2FA support for the app, has got me worried about the security of the app. Dashlane you were good, till it lasted, alas all good things come to end.
  • (2021-11-24) jean pierre: je suis un client Dashlane de la première heure , toutefois depuis la réinitialisation de ma tour pc , j'ai bien entendu en premier lieu exporté la sauvegarde de mes données du logiciel PC. Néanmoins depuis la réinstallation de l'application PC le logiciel plante systématiquement lorsque que je rentre le code à 6 chiffre d'identification du compte. C'est très désolant en raison du manque de bonnes informations des services dashlane. En outre il est hors de question pour moi d'importer mes données et passes et identifiant sur une application web ou bien même application chrome web store. Je regrette de devoir changer d'outil de sauvegarde de passes et identifiants
  • (2021-11-22) Lacey Burns: Terrible. I pay for premium, and every two weeks, I have to uninstall and reinstall the extension because it stops working for various reasons. It says my password is incorrect, it won't load, etc. This is ridiculous for a service that I pay for.


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