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1Password X – Password Manager

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The best way to experience 1Password in your browser. Easily sign in to sites, generate passwords, and store secure information.

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Description from store 1Password X requires a 1Password membership. If you don't have one yet, you can sign up when you install 1Password X to get 30 days free. 1Password is a password manager that keeps you safe online. With 1Password X, you can access everything you need directly in Google Chrome. Fill and save passwords, find and edit items, and more. See everything 1Password X can do: 📘 https://1pw.ca/x-start 1Password X is under active development. Get involved. Let us know your feedback: feature requests, bug reports, we want it all: https://1pw.ca/x-help 💡 Why 1Password? You want to use different passwords for every website, but it can be hard to keep track of them all. 1Password will manage your passwords for you: generate, save, and fill your passwords. With 1Password you only ever need to memorize…one password. All your other passwords and important information are protected behind your Master Password, which only you know. 1Password X is more than just a password manager. It integrates directly with Chrome to give you access to 1Password where you need it the most: in your web browser. Get the full power of 1Password without installing a desktop app. 1Password is available on all your devices: Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android, so you'll always have all your information with you. Any changes you make on one device are immediately available everywhere else. Find out more at 1Password.com.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-06) Chris Bowers: I like and rely on 1password, but the browser extension doesn't seem to be working in the most recent update to Chrome. Any ideas on a fix?
  • (2020-03-31) Andre Bremer: Warum wird die App von Chrome immer deaktiviert? So kann ich die nicht nutzen. Automatishce Eingaben funktionieren so nicht.
  • (2020-03-29) Kevin: Very Good For Chrome, But isn't support Windows Hello. 1Password (desktop app required) is not best chrome experience. 非常好用在谷歌浏览器里,但是不支持Windows Hello是一个遗憾。另外一个扩展效果并不太好,还是希望开发者能支持Windows下的X版本的Windows Hello的支持。
  • (2020-03-25) Sasha Samoilov: This application was great for some time but then the app stopped updating passwords even the ones I would manually update and save in the application itself.
  • (2020-03-10) christophe vidal: How frustrating it is that this extension does not yet support primary vault along account data. For those of us having both a 1password account (and paying for it) AND a primary vault, we still have to use the old, non maintained, extension
  • (2020-02-24) 張旭: no finger print unlock??? are you kidding me!? 沒有指紋解鎖?!
  • (2020-02-18) Роман Жирнов: it is not possible to enter a password, or activate extension on a touchID
  • (2020-02-16) Toby Griffiths: Not sure if I've done something wrong, but I'm having to refresh every page I want to use the password on… twice, then I have to log in to the password safe even though I'm already logged in to the app already. I'm finding this quite frustrating to use so think I'm going to go back to the previous version for now. Hope you can get this sorted, and also add the TouchID, which really makes a huge difference. I also have to input my 2fa key every time I start a new session, whereas with the app I only ever had to do it once to setup the app. I do like the integration with the browser password saving functionality though, so thats worth an extra star.
  • (2020-02-09) Lev Karavanov: Best app ever!
  • (2020-02-07) Charles Swann: I liked the old chrome extension much better. My big complaint, I can't set passwords with what needs to be in them, it just generates a random password, there is still to many stores, banks, whatever that will not accept special characters or other strange rules. Not having the ability to change what is used for the password is bad. Please fix and make it more like the old one to this regard.
  • (2020-01-28) Den Drobiazko: This does look better and all (compared to old extension) but does not work at all on Mac (chrome version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)). Just does not offer to save new password, can't auto-fill a saved one etc. Just like extension is not there
  • (2020-01-25) Emad Abdullah: All good but it doesn't prompt to save password after i login in any website.
  • (2020-01-23) Jerry Neely: This extension used to be a real time saver. Recently, though, the session duration was changed and it logs me out several times each day. Having to repeatedly log back into the extension makes it more trouble than it's worth. At that point, I might as well just use the app and copy/paste. It's very unfortunate because this extension used to be great. === Edit === Thanks for pointing out where to configure it!
  • (2020-01-12) John Davis: Very Buggy, vaults sometimes lock and can't be unlocked without removing and readding. No Fingerprint auth also is a deal breaker. I'll continue using the old extension.
  • (2020-01-08) Dimitris Litsas: It works fine so far, no problems at all. Cheers!
  • (2020-01-03) Michael Kitzman: As far as I can tell you have to use the mac app to change the password if the suggested password doesn't work and the only way to get to the suggested password config screen is editing an existing password. The only way I could figure out how to do this is to save a bad password the website didn't accept, go into mac app, find that site, edit site, click on password, find settings icon, click that, generate accepted password, copy that and save, then go back to website and paste generated password in then save and overwrite the saved version.
  • (2019-12-31) Nathan Wearly: While I prefer Lastpass and the way it asks to save passwords AFTER a SUCCESSFUL login, It is starting to grow on me. My company decided on 1Password. Works without issue on Vivaldi build 2.10.1745.23. One thing i would like is to be able to set my own timeouts before logging me out.
  • (2019-12-20) Sergey Bystrov: На хром-мак после блокировки невозможно войти, инпут для ввода пароля не активируется. Приходится входить в web-версию, после чего плагин начинает работать. До следующей блокировки базы.
  • (2019-12-06) Andreas Grauel: Best extension. I'd love to see this extension for Safari. It's so much more intuitiv as the app version.
  • (2019-12-03) Gustavo Augusto: Simply does not work as expected. Since last update, sometimes auto fill does not work at all, sometimes it work after using 1password reload 2~3 times... Quite frustrating
  • (2019-11-20) Benjamin Mahler: Unfortunately it seems the new 1Password X extension no longer syncs with the desktop app on MacOS, as it appears uses 1password.com directly. This breaks my setup since my 1Password account is provided through work, and my personal passwords are kept in a vault that's sync'ed with dropbox. Now the extension can't find that dropbox synced vault, and it appears I can't add that vault to 1password.com. This makes the extension unusable for anyone using a dropbox vault as far as I can tell. Hoping to hear otherwise..
  • (2019-11-16) James Neale: I'm honestly not sure how on earth this made it through testing. It's clearly a better product than previous plugins and I'm sure if you're starting out fresh with 1Password and you use this then it's great, but for me as a long time user it's insufferable. There are two major issues: 1. It no longer suggests passwords for sites that may not be entirely specific. And even then it doesn't update properly if you try to work with it. I'm not sure entirely what's wrong here, but I have multiple user/passes for the same domain. Before, I would see prioritised list with the most likely suggestions on top and other options below (e.g. when in subdomains). Now I see just one suggestion (the old plugin would show 4 or 5) and even if I go to 1Password desktop, edit the other login I need to use to make it domain specific, it still doesn't show up so I have to manually copy/paste from the desktop version. This update might just be a latency thing, but I'd still expect it to have worked within a few minutes. 2. Point 1 would be tolerable if the creators of this app had made a proper search when opening search from the plugin. Right now I can open this, search for a keyword that should return me dozens of options, and yet all I see is the one for the webpage I'm on (even though the domain should match many more) and a bunch of completely irrelevant options that have nothing to do with the keyword. So where before I could find any password from the plugin, I now have to open the desktop version. I've tried this for 2 days and had enough. Utterly garbage if you're coming from the previous plugin.
  • (2019-11-15) Beto Espitia: Love 1Password. Been using it for years and now on the family plan.
  • (2019-11-15) Maksim Mur'ye: Doesn't work with the TouchID on Mac although the old extension, the one without an "X" (which is still available in the store), supports the TouchID.
  • (2019-11-07) Gunnar Wagenknecht: The user experience with regards to filling websites is definitely an improvement over the "classic" extension. However, it's lack of using Touch ID for unlocking is a too big comfort loss. Thus, it's not worth switching to it.

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-08, v:1.19.1) Thomas Frantzén: Compatibility
    I just installed the browser Vivaldi. Is 1Password compatible? All the best, Thomas Frantzén
  • (2020-06-01, v:1.19.1) Wladyslaw Jaworski: Update password for website using 1password from Google Chrome browser
    When I am using 1Password and trying to access another website (login to secure application) but this website is asking to provide the current password and create and new one.How do I update this password using 1Password? I would like to know steps.
  • (2020-05-22, v:1.19.1) 崔サムヨン: An error occurs when adding an extension
    An error occurs when adding an extension. 「Could not move extension directory into profile」 I restarted the PC and the same thing happened. I reinstalled chrome but could not resolve. I want to know the cause and solution of this problem
  • (2020-05-11, v:1.19.0) John Wells: Where is the desktop app companion extension?
    Your website is giving 404 and it's not in the store..........................................................................................................
  • (2020-05-07, v:1.19.0) Gary Squires: Read only notice
    Everything was working fine for the past few years. Out of the blue, I am being notified that my service is read only and often seeing two logins; the traditional and a second box on the lower right. Do I need to pay an additional fee? I am happy to do so would prefer receiving simple instructions and notifications.
  • (2020-05-05, v:1.19.0) Paul Levisohn: Loading App
    I'm relatively illiterate in computer stuff. Is there someone who can walk me through the process of loading 1Password on Mac laptop and desk top, iPad and iPhone?
  • (2020-05-01, v:1.19.0) Michael R Sherman: Autofill not working on Cox Webmail login
    1Password will not fill in the password field. I have to open 1Password, copy the password and paste it into the password field to finally login
  • (2020-04-17, v:1.18.1) Jordan Fritz: Error when I try to use Chrome plugin
    Hi, I have been having issues with my 1Password extension in Chrome. If I open 1Password, find the login I want, and click "Go", it opens a webpage that says "Your file was not foundIt may have been moved or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND". And when I am on a web page and click into the sign in area, if I select the little key hole icon, it doesn't do anything. It won't access 1Password, it won't autofill, nothing. It just asks me if I want to save things that autofilled from Google into 1Password, even though they are already in 1Password. So I have to manually look on my phone for all my login info and type it in, which I could do on the free version. So why is the version I paid for not working anymore? Did the recent Mac update cause any issues with this extension?
  • (2020-04-08, v:1.18.0) Theo van der Sluijs: fingerprint unlock
    I really really really need the Fingerprint unlock on this extention. Using Chrome on Mac and I want fingerprint unlock back!
  • (2020-04-05, v:1.18.0) AnnMarie Rose: Unlocking on MacBook Pro
    Every time I need a password in chrome and I click within a certain field it prompts me to unlock with (up arrow) command + X. I cannot figure out what the up arrow key is -- and really wish I could just use fingerprint again. It's so convenient! When will this feature be available again?
  • (2020-03-29, v:1.18.0) Kevin: Plaese Add Windows Hello Support.
    easy to use.
  • (2020-03-25, v:1.18.0) Kevin Dr: PIN support pls.
    master pw not easy to use, please add Pin to Unlock.
  • (2020-03-22, v:1.18.0) Doug Bruestle: 1 PasswordX in Chrome on MacBook Air
    Biggest issue--loss of fingerprint login capability. What am I missing? I turned off the "mouse-over" feature, found it clutzy and very difficult to see whether username and password fields were populating correctly. Really need to be able to pin the 1Password window, or, at least be able to drag it outside the browser window so one can see what one is doing. I abandoned Safari just to take advantage of 1PX on Chrome, but, so far, too many frustrations. Help? I hope?
  • (2020-03-13, v:1.18.0) Peter Eltgroth: ChromeOS
    Unable to authenticate with 1PasswordX using fingerprint scanner on Google Pixel Slate; hence, whenever I use it I need to manually enter my very long passphrase which is annoying as I'm used to fingerprint authentication on my MacBook Pro when using the other 1Password Chrome extension. Can fingerprint login be added to 1PasswordX?
  • (2020-03-08, v:1.18.0) James Frame: Error message when 1password is trying to install the latest update
    Receiving error messages when 1password tries to download/install the latest update. Per the error message I have removed all ad blockers from Chrome, granted permission for program to Windows 10 firewall, Malwarebytes, and Windows defender and am still not able to install the latest up date. I am not sure what to do next?
  • (2020-03-04, v:1.18.0) Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski: why do you have 2 extensions?
    why are there two different 1password extensions in the Chrome Extension Store? that is VERY confusing
  • (2020-02-27, v:1.18.0) Jim McQuaig: Chrome and Mac no workie!
    Same issue I'm seeing from everyone. I've been a user a long time in Chrome on a Mac and not it won't fill for me and prompts me to download the extension but won't actually download it when I try. Frustrated!!
  • (2020-02-26, v:1.18.0) Charles Koehl: 1PasswordX extension on Google Chrome not aware of being logged in on 1Password7 and vice-versa
    If I log into 1Password7 for OS X, I expect the 1PasswordX extension on Google Chrome to know I'm logged in and not ask me for my master password again. Same for the other way around. OS X Catalina 10.15.3 Chrome 80.0.3987.122
  • (2020-02-25, v:1.18.0) Josh Pruitt: No longer saving logins
    Does not offer to save logins whenever I type username, password and login to sites.
  • (2020-02-22, v:1.18.0) Deleted vault & device
    Help me get it back please,
  • (2020-02-22, v:1.18.0) I joined 9-2019 & not used yet. I started last night but now I deleted personal vault * deauthorized my device I think it says. Help, what can I do to continue?e
    I described above...
  • (2020-02-21, v:1.18.0) Steve Siegel: Latest version of Chrome and iPassword Extension not working.
    In fact, Chrome and the entire 1Password web application (when accessed from latest version of Chrome) does not work, even when I've removed the 1Password X extension. For example, in Chrome, when I go to my.1password.com, I get the same "Browser Not Supported Message". Can your users please get an update as it seems like a known issue preventing 1Password from working with Chrome altogether. https://imgur.com/8fYLIns.png
  • (2020-02-07, v:1.17.0) 10StarMusic: Chrome extension stopped working after 1Password update
    After the most recent update I can't autofill in chrome. It says to install the extension. It was installed and working... so i deleted it and reinstalled but it still says to install the extension.
  • (2020-02-07, v:1.17.0) Vladyslav Iukhnovych: This browser is not supported
    Hi have the same error on Mac OS with Chrome 80.0.3987.87. Have the next error This browser is not supported 1Password uses new web technologies to encrypt your data in your browser before it’s sent to our server. Update your browser, or use one of these:
  • (2020-02-06, v:1.17.0) Martin Girard: comment importer les application déjà entre dans nos fureurs
    importation des password et application dans mon ordinateur


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