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Mouse Tooltip Translator translate mouseover text using google translate. Support OCR, TTS, manga translator & pdf translator.

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Description from store Mouseover Translate Any Language At Once # Source code - https://github.com/ttop32/MouseTooltipTranslator # Features - Hover or select (highlight) on text to translate - Use left ctrl to Listen pronunciation with google TTS (text to speech) - Use right alt to translate writing text in input box (or highlighted text) - Google translator and bing translator are used for translation - Support pdf to display translated tooltip using PDF.js - Support dual subtitles for youtube video - Process OCR when hold left shift and mouse over on image (ex manga) # Change Log - 0.1.100 ~ now - change log can be found in https://github.com/ttop32/MouseTooltipTranslator/blob/main/doc/description.md#change-log - 0.1.99 - update pdf js - fix sciencedirect pdf conflict (request by Tamer) - make bidirectional translate for writing (request by IkiamJ) - support text select on google document - 0.1.98 - fix pdf line space - 0.1.97 - fix pdf translator conflict (request by Mai Thy Đặng) - 0.1.96 - fix bing chat conflict (request by BlinkDev2k2) - change review url - 0.1.95 - fix emoji tts - 0.1.94 - hide pdf translator viewer url - add highlight (request by imymexxx) - 0.1.93 - fix pdf translator url - 0.1.92 - add google translate tts - 0.1.91 - add bing translator tts - 0.1.90 - add animation option (request by WellingtonmpdNeves) - add pdf translator shortcut for note & draw (contributed by michael-nhat) - 0.1.89 - fix dual youtube subtitle embed conflict (request by BH J) - 0.1.88 - fix youtube sub conflict - add voice target option (request by trionline1234) - add voice repeat - 0.1.87 - fix shadow dom performance issue - Arabic locale (contributed by neoOpus) - Indonesian locale (contributed by ardasatata) - 0.1.86 - support ebook using foliate-js - french locale (contributed by neoOpus) - 0.1.85 - fix text editor conflict (request by ultrabave) - 0.1.84 - fix gmail writing translator conflict - hebrew locale (contributed by netanel123123) - detect youtube player caption on/off (request by 웃으며살아요) - add esc key to stop tts (request by 나야브) - use vue3 - make advanced tab (request by JMFierro) - 0.1.83 - fix youtube shorts subtitle traffic error in youtube dual subs - fix csv format conflict - 0.1.82 - fix tts lang detect - add deepl translator (request by neoOpus) - 0.1.81 - Support dual sub for youtube shorts - Fix youtube pause (request by shikov) - 0.1.80 - Support yandex translator (requested by Bushrangers) - 0.1.79 - Fix youtube null fetch on dual sub - fix youtube subtitle trustedHTML - support dual sub for youtube embed video - 0.1.78 - google reject by "Blue Argon" - refactor code - 0.1.77 - fix youtube dual subtitles time mismatch - 0.1.76 - add dual subtitle for youtube - 0.1.75 - fix translator font customization (request by Musab Almawed) - fix youtube word detect - add uninstall translator callback page - 0.1.74 - fix select destruction - add intro site - add hotkey for OCR manga translator (request by neoOpus) - 0.1.73 - update tesseract js for ocr manga translator - fix translate writing box - make youtube subtitle selectable - 0.1.72 - change translator default keyset - add translate writing - add website filter (request by Serge) - 0.1.71 - fix manga translator ocr block recognition - 0.1.70 - add transliteration (contributed by ardasatata) - add distance adjustment for tooltip (request by 이준혁) - 0.1.69 - fix baidu translator conflict - 0.1.68 - fix translator shortcut key - fix youtube subtitle detection - 0.1.67 - fix hidden translator tooltip in bing chat (request by Moein) - add shortcut key for copy translated text - add detect swap hold key (request by abonawwaf) - 0.1.66 - fix bing translator - fix pdf translator text select (request by Furkan Nart1) - 0.1.65 - fix pdf translator url crash - change pdf js version to 3.7.107 - use doq for pdf js dark mode (request by 6 SEX) - 0.1.64 - google reject translator by "clipboardWrite permission" - remove the permission - 0.1.63 - Change pdf translator url format (request by shawnding) - Add copy context menu (request by KirpichKrasniy) - Fix pdf translator permission error (request by Nevermind) - 0.1.62 - Typo fix from option list (contributed by neoOpus) - 0.1.61 - Fix translator destruction - 0.1.60 - change manga translator ocr japanese vertical model - fix node js 18 crash (request by anthony-nyc) - fix bing translator crash (request by Anh Dao) - fix manga translator ocr schedule - 0.1.59 - support bigger translate box (request by Zoelya) - add papago translator - 0.1.58 - change comics OCR translator flow for image translator - add Russian language (contributed by Blueberryy) - 0.1.57 - add option for font color (request by WellingtonmpdNeves) - 0.1.56 - add translator voice selection (request by Joost Dancet) - add voice speed (request by vijayabalan) - add justified text (request by WellingtonmpdNeves) - 0.1.55 - fix mouse back button (request by SP ND) - 0.1.54 - fix container text detect (request by baroooooody9) - add context menu for saving translated text - 0.1.53 - add exclude language to be translated (request by kwisatz haderach) - fix css on translator tooltip - 0.1.52 - fix google translator (request by ATU8020) - 0.1.51 - Auto translator injecting when install - Add tts stop when tab switching - 0.1.50 - Add local pdf permission warning - Use google translator as main translator - Fix tooltip conflict - 0.1.49 - Fix conflict with google web translator (request by dotdioscorea) - Add blur on tooltip (request by neoOpus) - Fix tooltip css conflict (request by min geon shin) - Add sub google translator option - 0.1.48 - google reject by "Irrelevant information about Mouse Tooltip Translator" - remove description - 0.1.47 - update tesseract ocr for image translator - add sub google translator option - 0.1.46 - rollback google translate - 0.1.45 - change translator mouse detection - 0.1.44 - fix google translate (request by CONATUS) - change tooltip text to non transparency (request by Hakan Özlen) - 0.1.43 - google reject by tabs permission - remove the permission - 0.1.42 - fix translator chinese language code (request by yc-forever) - 0.1.41 - fix google translate - 0.1.40 - detect chrome pdf viewer instead of pdf url (request by Justin Brown) - 0.1.39 - fix translator crash from twitter youtube (request by PedoBearNomsLoli) - 0.1.38 - increase variety on translator tooltip font size - change translator description - 0.1.37 - Google reject by description - remove "Translate" from title - remove some description about "Translate" - 0.1.36 - alert pdf file permission - fix pdf translator request header detection - add pdf detect option to allow pdf translate (request by Meow Meow) - 0.1.35 - fix pdf translator viewer problem when open with new tab (request by M9VK) - fix pdf translator viewer url parameter crash (request by sensypo) - 0.1.34 - remove translator sendMessage (stop tts) - 0.1.33 - avoid to use translator sendMessage (stop tts) when leave tab - 0.1.32 - add "translate When" option to replace "translate on hover" (request by Alex) - load setting from storage - fix tooltip position problem when crtl pressed - set initial "translate into" correctly - 0.1.31 - fix translator cpu usage (request by M9VK) - 0.1.30 - update to google chrome manifest v3 - use vue loader for translator popup - use chrome tts instead of google tts api - support rtl for Persian - move translator ocr translate process to iframe - fix translator tooltip position (problem when it is first shot) - 0.1.29 - fix bing translator crash(request by zx xu) - support right to left alignment for translate to Arabic (request by mohamad-b) - add translate text history section on popup page (request by TeraStrider) - 0.1.28 - support translate on selection (contributed by sanprojects) - 0.1.27 - support youtube subtitle caption to show translator tooltip (request by Veratyr) - fix gmail pdf attachment crash with translator viewer (request by junkey) - 0.1.26 - increase tooltip z-index (request by WM) - add customization on tooltip width (request by Bambang Sutrisno) - 0.1.25 - Google reject by description - Google said "Irrelevant information about Mouseover Translate" again - remove all main description - 0.1.24 - Google reject by description - Google said "Irrelevant information about Mouseover Translate" - remove Mouseover Translate - 0.1.23 - Google reject by description - Google said to remove "google translate" - remove “google translate” - avoid to use continuously mentioned “google translate” - 0.1.22 - fix translator type "bing" to correctly uses bing translator api - 0.1.21 - Support translator to translate word (request by Amir Rezaei) - Support reverse translate (request by Amir Rezaei) - 0.1.20 - Change promo name to Mouseover Translate - Change manifest description to Mouseover Translate - 0.1.19 - remove vue jsx from translator popup configuration page - fix translator popup name - add "about section" on popup - 0.1.18 - Rollback translator description - 0.1.17 - Google reject by description - Remove related description - 0.1.16 - google reject by description - Remove “Supported Translation Languages with google translate” - Remove “Supported TTS languages with google TTS” - Avoid frequently mentioned Mouse tooltip translator in description - Remove multilingual description - Rollback google translate - Rollback name to Mouse tooltip translator - 0.1.15 - Change name, Mouse tooltip translator to Mouseover translator - Support font size customization (request by Ramy_Ahmed.87) - Support Bing translator (request by Ramy_Ahmed.87) - Fix google translate - 0.1.14 - Fix translator hide tooltip (show tooltip after mouse move) - Support multilingual description using google translate - 0.1.13 - Filter out currency sign - 0.1.12 - Fix image OCR translator for translate ocr correctly - Use Vue JSX on translator popup - 0.1.11 - Use Vue and Vuetify on translator popup - Add load base64 image on image ocr translator - Add resize image on manga translator ocr - Add image preprocessing step on ocr image translator - 0.1.10 - Fix URL text filter - Filter text that only include number and special character - Fix hiding when ctrl+a or ctrl+f - 0.1.9 - Load only tooltip from bootstrap - Apply lazy load on manga translator ocr - Use transform for positioning - 0.1.8 - Fix TTS (text to speech) stop message sending - Fix image load for translate ocr image - Use zodiac3539's train data for ocr manga image translator - 0.1.7 - Fix scrolled tooltip dictionary position - Hide tooltip when ctrl+a or ctrl+f is pressed - Make cool popup style - Stop played TTS (text to speech) when leave tab - Support ocr translate using tesseract.js OCR - Update translated pdf translator viewer using PDF.js 2.5.207 - Filter out 1000 length text - 0.1.6 - Fix translator setting error - Fix popup typo - 0.1.5 - Fix subframe pdf translator to translate correctly - Fix bootstrap dropdown crash - 0.1.4 - Fix translator pdf translator viewer line break - 0.1.3 - Add fade - Fix TTS (text to speech) recognize - 0.1.2 - Prevent translate on URL text - Support pdf tooltip translate using PDF.js (pdf reader) - 0.1.1 - Support long sentence for TTS (text to speech) - Fix tooltip arrow display error - Fix key hold error (issue on tab switching) - 0.1.0 - First release of Mouse tooltip translator # Intro Mouse tooltip translator is a google chrome extension that provide convenient translate experience. This translator extension minimize required step to translate word. Normally, copying and pasting are used to obtain translated sentence from google translate site. This extension uses text hovering to translate text. It detects pointed area and collect near words to group them as sentence. This translator extension translate pointed sentence into user language using any translator API like google translate and Bing translator. For providing translation, it displays given translated text with tooltip. User does not require any other more action for translate text. This extension replaces general translate process which open new tab for using google translate to getting translated sentence. This replace translating way makes new paradigm on translator. It helps users to learn language directly in one place by providing translated text one another. Mouse tooltip translator also support pdf, youtube subtitle, and image (manga, comics and webtoon). # TTS For supporting translate feature, this translator extension provides text pronunciation using google TTS (text to speech). It uses google TTS to speak text to user to listen its voice. To using tts, user use ctrl key to enable TTS (text to speech) from translator. When TTS is on, this translator extension uses google TTS to speak text. With this translator extension, any language learner student can enhance pronunciation skill by listening this translator extension’s google TTS speech voice. # PDF Mouse tooltip translator support any onlien pdf files and local offine pdf files. It works as pdf translator to translate pdf document in one place. It uses PDF.js as built-in PDF reader to read pdf file and it directly provides translate feature over pdf. This pdf translator extension has pdf viewer to give a way to user to read foreign essay paper with translate service. Unlike other pdf translator, this pdf translator uses own pdf viewer to deeply extract pdf text. This translator extension intercept pdf URL and redirect to mouse tooltip pdf.js page to provide pdf reader with tooltip translate feature. Local pdf file is also supported when user give local URL permission to this pdf translator extension. # OCR Built in ocr translator is included in the extension. This image translator can works as in place image translator to detect text from any image likes manga, comics and webtoon. This ocr manga translator perform auto text block slice and text positioning using tesseract.js. To use image OCR translate feature, user need to press shift to enable OCR. If OCR feature is on and mouseover on image likes manga, this ocr translator start to extract image text. OCR text takes some seconds to place translated text. # Translate API This extension is positioned between user and translator API for providing simple translate experience with google translate. When text translate is required, this translator extension request translate service for given text to google translate. Translator vendor communicates given text to provide its translated text to the extension. Then, this translator extension uses given translated text to display in popover tooltip format. Its translated text can be in any foreign text with google translate. Additionally, Bing translator support to give variety on user translate experience in this translator extension. Moreover, there is another supported translator, Papago translator and deepL translator. Papago translator and deepL use neural machine to translate any text. Papago and deepl help user to get more realistic translated result. # Ownership Mouse tooltip translator is an extension that is created by individual developer. It is not officially made by google. It just handles google translate and google text to speech service. This translator extension does not own google translate and Bing translator. Google translate is owned by google and Bing translator is owned by Microsoft. This translator extension uses Google’s provided google translate service.

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